Car Wreck in Downtown Florence with a Train

Car Wreck in Downtown Florence with a Train

Four people are dead, and another is seriously injured after a car wreck between one car and a train. In an interview with Captain Mike Brandt of the Florence Police Department and WMBF News, Captain Brandt notes that a call for emergency services came in at around 9:00 PM on Saturday, September 10th, requesting assistance near Baroody Street and North Dargan Street.

A witness to the incident told WMBF that they saw an SUV approaching the railroad at a high rate of speed. The driver of that SUV lost control of the vehicle as they were attempting to get around the crossing gate after it had already been lowered. According to this witness, the train was already halfway through the intersection as the vehicle attempted to circumvent the crossing gate. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and while the Florence County Coroner has confirmed the four deaths and the injury of an additional person, no other details have been released.

In situations where a car wreck has caused the deaths of some and catastrophic injuries to others, Armada Law always recommends that clients allow their focus to remain on their medical, mental, and emotional wellness. In cases involving multiple parties, questions surrounding liability, and complex legal issues, the best course of action is to elicit the help of an attorney who can assist in navigating the choppy waters ahead.

What do I expect in a situation of catastrophic injury?

  1. Injured parties may require lengthy and stressful stays in the hospital or in rehabilitation for their injuries.
  2. Local authorities (local police, sheriff’s office, highway patrol) may require visits to involved parties to collect additional information in deciding which party is at fault for the incident. Ensure that you prepare the necessary materials to provide an accurate account of how the incident occurred from your perspective.
  3. Due to the catastrophic nature of the incident, media outlets may reach out to involved parties for statements. Fielding these requests and answering questions may cause additional stress, be sure to ask for and accept assistance from your support system as needed.
  4. When speaking with your attorney, they will likely request as much information and documentation as possible to ensure they are able to guide you properly throughout the personal injury process. Be sure that the records you keep are as accurate and complete as possible.

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