Fatal Single Vehicle Crash in South Carolina

Fatal Single Vehicle Crash in South Carolina

In the early morning hours of Saturday, September 4th, Horry County Fire Department and EMS were called to the scene of a single-vehicle crash.

South Carolina Highway Patrol is still investigating this motor vehicle collision but has noted that a 19-year-old out of Loris, South Carolina, has passed away due to injuries sustained in this incident.

This fatal car wreck came on the heels of a deadly Labor Day weekend in South Carolina. On Tuesday, September 6th, The South Carolina Department of Public Safety announced preliminary statistics surrounding fatalities on South Carolina’s roadways. They have concluded that at least ten people were killed in motor vehicle collisions from Friday to Sunday.

Of the ten fatalities over the weekend, eight of them were not wearing a seatbelt or any other safety gear. This is a problem for a few different reasons:

  • First, wearing a seatbelt when you are driving or a passenger in a vehicle is a legal requirement.
  • Second, in the event of a car wreck, not wearing your seatbelt can cause injuries that are much worse than if you were wearing a seatbelt. For instance, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, amputations, and other potentially deadly injuries can occur when in a car accident with no seatbelt.
  • Finally, not wearing your seatbelt can substantially hurt your chances of a successful outcome in a personal injury claim.

Unfortunately, if you choose not to wear a seat belt and are injured in a car wreck, it can be considered a failure to mitigate damages.

If you were in a car wreck and were not wearing a seatbelt, that does not mean that you cannot pursue a personal injury claim. If you have questions about seatbelts and your personal injury claim, give us a call at Armada Law today!