Fatal Tractor-Trailer Wreck

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Wreck

People headed out and about on the morning of Tuesday, September 6th, were stalled following a deadly motor vehicle collision that occurred on the 2700 block of Highway 52 near the Scranton community in Florence County. South Carolina High Patrol noted that a tractor-trailer was traveling north on Highway 52 when a pickup truck traveling south on Highway 52 crossed the median and hit the tractor-trailer. The intensity with which the pickup truck collided with the tractor-trailer was so forceful that it caused the tractor-trailer to overturn, leaving it lying sideways on the side of the roadway.

The Florence County coroner Keith von Lutcken identified the driver of the pickup truck as Mr. Emanuel Sentel Burgess, who tragically died due to the collision. The driver of the tractor-trailer was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries.

I Have Been in A Car Wreck with A Tractor-Trailer. Now What?

The Armada Law team has handled a number of cases involving a tractor-trailer and understands the stress and torment that often follows them. When discussing these cases in our free legal consultations, we always remind new and potential clients of the complexity of these types of cases. Ensuring that you are cleared medically is always the first step. Next, we advise that you gather all medical records, police reports and records, and any other documentation related to your case. Having this information handy will make your life a lot easier as you research and decide on your next steps.

Finally, the Armada Law team recommends that you speak to an attorney about the best way to resolve your case.

  1. Area of Expertise: Your attorney has handled car wrecks before, preferably car wrecks like the one you have been in.
  2. Cost: There are attorneys who will charge to have a legal consultation with you. If you can, ensure that the attorney you are working with is able to provide a legal consultation that is cost-efficient for you. For example, Armada Law provides free legal consultations for your case.
  3. Trust: No case can be successful if both the client and the attorney are unable to trust one another. Ensure that you feel comfortable with your attorney, as this will make sure there are no communication problems throughout the case.

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