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    In personal injury cases, liability and negligence determine if you have a valid lawsuit. The person who caused the injury is liable and if we can prove negligence, we can generally increase the amount of money you receive as part of your settlement or jury award.

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Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer

At Armada Law, we understand the difficulties people face after suffering an injury in an accident. Not only is there the pain of the injury itself, but there are also the legal and financial headaches involved with filing a personal injury claim.

Not to mention the upheaval of your life….

When an injury happens to you—whether from a car accident, a work accident, or some other terrible event—not only are all of life’s plans put on hold, but you’re also now looking at piles of medical bills, lost work, and all the pain and suffering that comes along with it. You might have a personal injury case against the person or business that caused you harm.

Not much is as life-altering as a severe injury or illness. And if someone else’s negligence caused that pain, the need for justice is critical.

Amid the chaos of a devastating injury, you never have to brave the long road to recovery and personal injury claims process alone. Our personal injury lawyers are here to help with personal injury cases. We will advocate for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call Armada Law and schedule a free consultation today with a Greenville personal injury attorney.

Greenville Car Crash Statistics 

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s 2020 Traffic Collision Fact Book, there were 13,740 total traffic collisions in Greenville County in 2020.

Additional car crash statistics for Greenville County include:

  • 72 fatal collisions in the county that resulted in 82 deaths.
  • 3,150 collisions in the county that resulted in injuries.
  • 216 people were classified as seriously injured.
  • 620 involving Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • 21 fatal crashes involving DUI

The most common contributing factor in all Greenville car crashes in 2020 was that at least one driver traveled too fast for the road conditions.

A car accident is never planned, but it can happen to anyone. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries in a car accident, an expert car accident attorney well-versed in personal injury law can help you navigate the road to recovery and compensation.

Helpful Greenville Personal Injury Resources

When you are the injured party in a car wreck, you face a mountain of stress related to your physical recovery, property damage, and financial burdens from medical expenses.

You don’t have to face it alone.

Here is a list of resources available to you in Greenville, South Carolina, that could be helpful following a car crash.

Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital

Seeking medical attention for injuries as soon as possible after your car accident is crucial. Whether you need emergency medical services, rehabilitation, or surgical treatments after your car wreck, the centrally-located 814-bed Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital can help.

701 Grove Rd

Greenville, SC 29605

(864) 455-7000

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Greenville

When you’ve been through a serious accident, the injuries you incur aren’t always just physical. Many people experience trauma from the event or develop mental health issues like anxiety or depression due to prolonged injuries, disability, or emotional distress.

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Greenville can provide therapy and other treatments to get your mental health back on track after a car wreck.

68 Pointe Cir Suite 3201

Greenville, SC 29615

(864) 952-4048

Greenville, SC Traffic Cams

If you believe the other driver was at fault for your car crash but are concerned that there may be a dispute with the insurance company regarding responsibility, you need solid evidence.

Footage from Greenville County traffic cameras could reduce the amount of fault put on you and increase your overall compensation.

Top-Rated Greenville Personal Injury Lawyers

An expert Greenville car accident lawyer is possibly your most important resource. A knowledgeable attorney is invaluable to guiding you through the claim process and getting fair compensation for your accident’s damages.

Our personal injury law firm specializes in the following practice areas when it comes to vehicle collisions resulting in personal injury:

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Greenville, SC

At Armada Law, we’re dedicated to helping you recover as soon as possible. We accomplish this by handling your case quickly so you can get paid sooner and move past your car accident faster. We only get paid if you win your settlement—and that’s a guarantee.

If you were injured in a car wreck in the Greenville, SC, area, reach out to our personal injury law office for a free case review so we can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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