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    In personal injury cases, liability and negligence determine if you have a valid lawsuit. The person who caused the injury is liable and if we can prove negligence, we can generally increase the amount of money you receive as part of your settlement or jury award.

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Greenville Uber Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in an Uber car accident?

Rideshare accidents can get complicated due to auto insurance and determining fault. A Greenville Uber Accident Lawyer can help you navigate those murky waters and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries… before it’s too late.

How Uber Contributes to Car Accidents

Companies like Uber and Lyft aren’t just meant for customers who don’t drive and need a lift. Rideshare has become wildly popular for those who have been drinking and want to avoid driving. Some studies show that drunk driving incidents have decreased since ridesharing has become more popular. Uber rides are not risk-free, however. Uber’s 2019-2020 U.S. Safety Report revealed 91 fatal Uber-related collisions over those two years, resulting in 101 deaths. Most deadly Uber accidents occurred at night when visibility was lower. They also occurred during weekends and holidays when impaired drivers are likely to be on the road.

Uber fatalities are undoubtedly small compared to Uber’s 2.1 billion overall trips between 2019 and 2020. It also pales compared to the U.S.’s 75,179 traffic fatalities over the same period. However, Uber’s report did not provide information regarding non-fatal injuries sustained in Uber accidents. It’s possible that Uber could be responsible for the injuries you suffered in your auto accident. Uber Accident Attorneys can work to get you the highest possible compensation from Uber and other responsible parties.

Uber Accidents Aren’t the Same as Regular Car Accidents

A critical part of the process is determining who is at fault when a typical car accident occurs.

Once the liability determination is made, a settlement can be negotiated and paid by the at-fault party’s insurance company to compensate for:

  • Medical bills incurred from the incident
  • Wages lost as a result of the incident
  • Emotional trauma experienced
  • Pain and suffering

In cases of Uber accidents, Uber itself could be held liable for compensation, depending on several factors. The company’s insurance policy would then be the one paying out the settlement.

When Does the Third-Party Driver’s Insurance Cover Damages?

If the third-party driver—the driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision with the Uber driver—is found to be at fault, their auto insurance company would be responsible for paying damages. In cases where the third-party driver is uninsured, Uber’s company insurance may pay for injuries with their uninsured motorist coverage.

When Does the Uber Driver’s Personal Insurance Cover Damages?

When Uber drivers are deemed at fault for accidents, it’s essential to determine if they were working at the time of the collision. If the driver’s Uber app is offline at the time of the accident, the driver’s personal auto insurance will be responsible for paying damages.

When Does Uber’s Company Insurance Cover Damages?

Uber provides its drivers with coverage as well. There are instances where Uber’s company auto insurance will pay settlements when Uber drivers are at fault. If the driver had their app on and was waiting for ride requests when the accident happened, Uber’s third-party liability will kick in if the driver’s insurance won’t cover the damages:

  • Bodily injury of up to $50,000 per person
  • Bodily injury of up to $100,000 per accident
  • Property damage of $25,000 per accident

Does Uber Have a $1 Million Insurance Policy for Accidents?

In cases where the rideshare driver had a rider in the vehicle at the time of the accident or was en route to pick up a passenger, Uber will cover even more damages, possibly up to $1 million.

South Carolina’s Comparative Negligence Fault System

South Carolina uses comparative negligence law to determine fault in an auto accident. The driver less than 51% at fault for the collision is eligible for financial compensation from the other at-fault party. This means that the at-fault party is only required to pay damages for their percentage of fault. For example, if it’s determined that one driver is 60% at fault for the collision, they’ll only need to pay 60% of the settlement awarded.

Let a Greenville Uber Accident Lawyer Fight for Your Rights

Personal injury law in South Carolina is complex, even when the incident that caused the injury was a common car crash. Uber car accident cases are even more complicated due to more liable parties involved and more fault going around. That’s why pursuing legal action on your own can be stressful.

Get a free case review from our Greenville Personal Injury Attorneys today to ensure you get the settlement you’re entitled to, including compensation for injuries, property damage, and lost wages. We’ll navigate the complicated waters of South Carolina Uber car accident lawsuits and do all the legwork so you don’t.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it — you have questions.

Can you sue an Uber driver for crashing?

There are some situations where Uber’s company auto insurance will not cover damages, even when the Uber driver is at fault. If it’s determined that the Uber driver was personally negligent—for example, if they were driving recklessly or under the influence—the driver’s auto insurance will be responsible, rather than Uber. If the driver doesn’t have their own car insurance policy, injured parties can file a personal injury lawsuit against the Uber driver.

How long do I have to file an Uber accident lawsuit?

The State of South Carolina enforces a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits. You’ll have three years from the time of the Uber car accident to file your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or to file a lawsuit against them.

What should I do if an insurance adjuster calls me after my Uber accident?

Insurance adjusters work for car insurance companies. They’re not working for your benefit. Their goal is to find any means necessary to make your accident claim invalid or to lower the amount of compensation awarded. It’s ok to speak to the adjuster, but take caution in what you say about the collision, your injuries, and the damages you incurred. Have your Greenville Uber accident lawyer speak to the insurance adjuster on your behalf if you’re not comfortable talking to them yourself.

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