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Who is going to fix your vehicle? How long is this going to take? Who is responsible for your medical bills?

What are you going to do?

Do you have a case?

An injury can be devastating, no matter how it happens.


    In personal injury cases, liability and negligence determine if you have a valid lawsuit. The person who caused the injury is liable and if we can prove negligence, we can generally increase the amount of money you receive as part of your settlement or jury award.

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100% Free Case Review

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No Fee Until We Win

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Injury victims recover 3x more with a personal injury attorney

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We know that if you are reading this right now, you or a loved one has been injured.


When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

The insurance company is already busy seeing how to deny your claim or limit how much your claim is worth. Should you really go it alone when they have an army of lawyers on their side?


How much does a personal injury attorney cost?

Personal injury lawyers charge based on a contingency fee agreement, which means we receive a fee ONLY if we are successful at getting you paid. If you do not win, you pay nothing.


What do personal injury lawyers do?

Your personal injury attorney will help position your case is the strongest possible way in order for you to receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injury claim.


Preparing for your First Meeting

Your first meeting with your attorney will be focused on understanding the circumstances of your case, determining what evidence you have, and deciding how to move forward.


The Personal Injury Lawsuit

Not all injury claims end in lawsuits. In most cases, with the right evidence, the insurance company will want to settle your case in order to prevent going to trial. Here’s how we force their hand…


Statute Of Limitations

There are certain time-bound restrictions on when an injured person can file a claim for a no-fault injury. In most cases, you should file a claim within a period of 2-3 years. Your attorney will know best.


Property Damage Claims

Liability is the legal term for who is responsible for the accident. There are certain circumstances where you may have a claim, even if you were partially at-fault. Speak to your attorney to learn more.



Negligence happens when a person acts in a careless manner causing another person to get hurt. In personal injury cases, negligence is used to determine the level of damages you are entitled to.


Determining Fault

Who was injured? How were they injured? Who was responsible? We build your case and send a settlement demand letter to the insurance company. If they don’t agree to pay your claim we go to trial.


Property Damage Claims

Paying for medical bills is only one part of the injury claim settlement process. The other part of that process is getting your vehicle fixed or replaced, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.


Understanding How Insurance Works

If the person responsible for your injury has insurance, we go after them and their insurance company. If they don’t have insurance, this can make things difficult. Here’s how insurance works.


Policy Limits

When someone purchases insurance, the insurance policy outlines what the insurance company is responsible for. For example, if a motorist’s insurance policy covers up to $50,000 in bodily injury, legally speaking, the insurance company is only liable to pay that amount, nothing more. You can obtain higher damages though, but that is a conversation for your lawyer and depends on your case.


Type Of Medical Treatments

Undergoing medical care after an injury is an important part of recovering your health and damages in your lawsuit. Your personal injury lawyer will help you find the best treatment.


Covering Medical Costs

An injury requiring medical treatment can be devastating financially for a lot of people, especially if you are underinsured or do not have medical insurance. This is where a good lawyer can help quickly.


Medical Treatment Using Letter Of Protection

This is a tool used to get you treatment now while you are waiting for your claim to be settled. It works much like an I.O.U. — the costs for your medical treatment are taken out of the settlement you receive.


Maximum Medical Improvement

Maximum medical improvement means that everything that can do to restore you to full health has been done. Your medical providers are effectively saying that this is as good as it’s going to get.


Medical Subrogation

Your lawyer will make sure the insurance company pays for your medical bills. However, because the money from your settlement is supposed to be used for your medical treatment, the insurance company will pay the medical bills and then place a lein on your settlement for the amount spent on medical care.


Calculating Damages

An economic loss has a very straightforward calculation. Let’s say you were in a car accident where the damage to your vehicle totaled $5,000. You received another $10,000 in medical bills. You were also unable to work while undergoing treatment, which resulted in $3,000 in lost wages. Your total economic damages would be $18,000.


Pain And Suffering

“Pain and suffering” is a general term for physical or emotional trauma caused by a car accident or other injury. A jury awards compensation for pain and suffering after looking at the aftermath of the injury and how the injury will impact the victim into the future.


Reasons Case Declined

Lack of evidence, not filing a claim within the statute of limitations, being partially at-fault, delaying medical treatment or having pre existing injuries are just some of the reasons your case can be denied.

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Armada Law, the right people in the right seats. There is no top or bottom hierarchy at Armada. We all work collectively for the common goal of helping our community. Personal growth is institutional here, with the purpose of making the Armada team the best we can be for ourselves and those that we help. I can’t imagine a better team to be a part of.
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