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    In personal injury cases, liability and negligence determine if you have a valid lawsuit. The person who caused the injury is liable and if we can prove negligence, we can generally increase the amount of money you receive as part of your settlement or jury award.

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Greenville Property Damage Attorney

Has your property been damaged because of someone else’s actions or negligence? It’s an all-too-common woe, and the road to being compensated for those damages can be tricky. Not only do you have to calculate the cost of the damage, but you have to prove that the other party is at fault for it. A Greenville Property Damage Attorney can help you get back every dime you’ve lost to make the necessary repairs and replacements to get your life back on track.

Common Types of Property Damage


Accidents are the most common reasons for property damage claims. Whether it’s a car accident, a house fire, or some other accident that causes damage to your property, you must determine the at-fault party to validate your claim and reach a settlement. If it were a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company would be held responsible for the property damage you incurred.

Acts of God

A tree falling on your car, a wildfire damaging your home, or a tornado destroying your property are all examples of acts of God. Many insurance policies—including homeowner’s and auto insurance—provide coverage for damages incurred due to an act of God. Suppose you file a claim with your insurance company, and the claim is denied. In that case, a property damage attorney can help dig into your policy and determine if further legal action could result in compensation.

Malicious Acts

When someone willfully damages your property, whether it’s on your property or your vehicle, those damages can be costly to repair. Broken windows, damages from car theft, keyed cars, spray paint, and arson are all damages that could be covered under your insurance policy as malicious mischief or vandalism. If the offender is prosecuted for malicious behavior, there is often an order put in place for restitution which requires them to pay back the losses they caused.

What Property Damage Can I Claim After a Car Accident?

Property damages from car accidents are often severe and costly. Not only does the car have to be repaired, but the value of the vehicle diminishes greatly after a collision. Damages that you can be compensated for after a car accident for which you weren’t at fault include:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Vehicle replacement (fair market value)
  • Car rental costs (loss of use of your car)
  • Towing expenses
  • Damage to personal property inside or outside the vehicle
  • Diminished value of the vehicle

South Carolina law allows you to seek damages for the reduction of value to your vehicle following a car crash. You may need to file a diminished value claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to receive this compensation.

How to Bolster Your Property Damage Case

Property damage claims don’t always result in settlement.

To get as much compensation as possible from your property damage case, be sure to:

  • Take photos of the damage
  • Get estimates for repair costs
  • Keep your receipts
  • Find out the diminished value of the vehicle
  • Hire a Property Damage Lawyer

A Greenville Property Damage Lawyer can take on the work of your property damage claim and pursue further legal action if your claim is denied.

South Carolina Property Damage Arbitration

When the insurance company denies your property damage claim, you can then file the claim through arbitration, which settles disputed property damage claims.

A panel of attorneys will review the details of the incident, including your records and any evidence, and determine:

  • Who is at fault for the damage
  • The amount of damages

Keep in mind that arbitration is not intended for personal injury claims. If your claim includes compensation for damage to property and bodily injury, it will not be handled through the arbitration process.

You Need a Greenville Property Damage Attorney

Navigating the muddy waters of a property damage claim can be stressful and unpleasant. A Greenville Property Damage Lawyer can do the legwork for you and give you back your time while getting you the compensation you are entitled to receive.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it — you have questions.

How long does an insurance company have to settle a claim in South Carolina?

While South Carolina law does not limit insurance companies with a specific time frame for settling claims, “reasonable promptness” is required by the insurance provider. If you feel the at-fault party’s insurance company is dragging its feet unethically, a lawyer can help you file a “bad faith” lawsuit. This will ensure you get the compensation you deserve, plus penalties and interest.

What is the statute of limitations for South Carolina property damage claims?

Whether you’ve experienced damage to your home, property, or vehicle, you don’t have eternity to file a property damage claim. The statute of limitations in South Carolina for this type of civil claim is three years from the date of the incident. Once three years have passed, you will not be able to seek compensation for any damages.

What should I say to the insurance adjuster?

An insurance adjuster’s goal is to lower the settlement amount you are paid or have your claim invalidated altogether. They are, after all, working for the insurance company, not you.

If an insurance adjuster contacts you, feel free to speak with them but avoid:

  • Admitting fault
  • Answering questions that aren’t related to the incident
  • Giving a statement that’s recorded

You can also have your property damage lawyer speak with the adjuster on your behalf.

Does South Carolina require property damage insurance for drivers?

South Carolina requires drivers to carry auto insurance. Liability insurance must have a minimum coverage limit of $25,000 for property damage caused in a single accident.

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